#7 Verification

By using verification you prevent automated bots from joining and spamming

There are 2 verification types: code and recaptcha
code will use a static configured code which you can hide in the rules for example to force the user to read trough the rules.
recaptcha requires the user to get their unique code on https://melijn.com/recaptcha by passing a google recaptcha.

You can view the screenshot below for a quick guide.
The role to restrict access to all the channels (make sure the role actually restrict access by testing it with a test user).
Either set a verification code or set the verification type to recaptcha and provide the recaptcha link in the verification channel.
To see a live example of this you can join our support server.
When the user sends the code in the verification channel, his unverifiedrole will get removed and all the other bot stuff will be executed like joinrole, welcomemessage ect


Messages sent in the verification channel will get deleted (except those from administrators)
You can lock down your server by setting the code to null and the verification type to code
You can set a threshold to kick users after a number of wrong attempts

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