Read first:

arguments surrounded by <> are required
arguments surrounded by [] are optional
arguments with ~ next to them are non text and special

SubCommands are not displayed on this page: use >help cmd subcommand on discord for help of SubCommands
SubCommands can be recognised when an argument doesn't have a * next to it

arguments with a * next to them have a help section which can be viewed with >help argument <argument*>
To see a list of all arguments use >help argument list
To see a list of all commands use >help list
To see a list of all variables use >help variable list

Music Commands 🎵

Syntax, aliases, help
bassBoost Manage bass boost effects for the music player
forward Adds the timestamp to the current timestamp and thus forwards
gainProfile Main command to manage server gain profiles
loop Loops the current track
loopQueue Loops the queue
lyrics Shows the lyrics of the playing track or of the query, might not get a result tho
move Moves a track to another position
musicNode Select a music node for your server, premium supports all audio sources
nightcore Speeds up and increases the pitch of the playing track
nowPlaying Shows info about the active track
pause Pauses the music player
pitch Manages the pitch of the music player
play Tries to load your input and adds it to the queue
queue Shows the music queue
rate Manages the rate of the music player
remove Removes tracks from the queue
resume Resumes the music player
rewind Subtracts the timestamp from the current timestamp and thus rewinds
seek Manages the position of the current track
setBand Sets the frequency gain for the band for the music player
shuffle Shuffles the tracks in the queue
skip Skips tracks in the queue
speed Manages the speed of the music player
splay Shows the first 5 options from youtube with reactions to pick a track
stop Destroys the music player, leaves the VoiceChannel
summon Summons the bot to a voiceChannel
trackInfo Shows detailed information about the track
volume Manages the volume of the music player
voteSkip Skips tracks in the queue if users agree

Moderation Commands 🛠

Syntax, aliases, help
ban Bans the target user, dms them information of the ban
forceRole Manages what roles are forced to a user, users that leave and rejoin get this role back
history Shows you the history of punishments of a user
kick Kicks the target user, dms them information of the kick
massMove Moves the selected member to another voice channel or disconnects them
mute Mutes the target user, dms them information of the mute
purge Deletes an amount of messages, in the current message, newest to older
softBan Bans and unbans the user to clear the past x days of messages
tempBan Temporarily bans the target user, sends them a report of the reason, times, ect.. of the bans
tempMute Temporarily mutes the target user, sends them a report of the reason, times, ect.. of the mute
unban Unbans the target user, dms them information of the unban
unmute Unmutes the target user, dms them information of the unmute
verify Command to manually verify members
warn Warns the target user, dms them information of the warn

Administration Commands 🛠

Syntax, aliases, help
aliases Manages the server aliases for commands
bannedMessage Manages the BannedMessage
birthdayMessage Manages the BirthdayMessage
boostMessage Manages the BoostMessage
clearChannel Makes a duplicate of the current channel and deletes the old channel
customCommand Main command for managing custom commands
filter Manages filters
filterGroup Manages the filter groups
joinMessage Manages the JoinMessage
joinRole Main command for managing joinroles
kickedMessage Manages the KickedMessage
leaveMessage Manages the LeaveMessage
limitRoleToChannel Limits a role to only see one channel WARNING: this adds permission overrides to all except mentioned channels
manageHistory Manages the history of users
permission Manages who is able to use certain commands
prefixes Command for managing server specific prefixes
preVerificationJoinMessage Manages the PreVerificationJoinMessage
preVerificationLeaveMessage Manages the PreVerificationLeaveMessage
punishment Manages punishment presets used for autopunishments
punishmentGroup Manages punishment groups
selfRole Main command for managing selfroles
setAllowSpacedPrefixState Sets whether the bot should allow spaces between the prefix and the command
setBannedOrKickedTriggersLeave Sets if the leave message should be sent when banned or kicked
setBotLogState Sets if bot actions should be logged
setChannel Sets or shows a channel by it's type
setCommandState Command for managing command states
setCooldown Command for managing command cooldowns
setEmbedColor Manages the embed color
setEmbedState Sets the embed state of all bot messages
setLanguage Main command to configure my language for the server, NOTE: can be overriden by private language
setLogChannel Sets log channels or shows them when only the logChannelTypeNode is provided
setMaxUserVerificationFlowRate Sets or shows the verification code
setMusic247Mode Configures the bot to never leave the voice channel or not
setMusicChannel Sets the voiceChannel, this makes the bot know where to play the streamUrl
setRemoveInvoke Set after how many seconds the bot should remove the message that trigger a command (invoke)
setRemoveResponses Set after how many seconds the bot should remove its response
setRole Sets a role or shows the configured role when only the roleType is provided
setRoleColor Sets a role color or shows the current role color
setSlowMode More precise control for the slowmode setting of channels
setStreamUrl Sets the streamUrl, this makes the bot know what to play in the music channel
setTimeZone Manages the timezone of the server
settings Shows most of the settings of the bot
setVerificationEmoteji Sets or shows the verification code
setVerificationPassword Sets or shows the verification password
setVerificationType Sets or shows the verification type

Utility Commands 📖

Syntax, aliases, help
avatar Shows the avatar of a user
color Show information about the color
donate Shows the patreon link
emote Shows info about the emote
emotes Shows all the emotes in the current server
help Shows info about commands
info Show info about the bot
invite Shows invite links for the bot
meme Shows a random hot post from a meme reddit
metrics Shows when and how many commands were executed
ping Shows network latency between bot and discord server
privateAliases Manages your private aliases for commands
privatePrefixes Manages user specific prefixes
raw Sends you the raw text of the input
reddit Shows a random post from the chosen subreddit and category
roleInfo Shows info about a role
roles Shows the list of roles of a server
serverInfo Shows info about the server
setBirthDay Sets you birthday
setPrivateAllowSpacedPrefixState Sets whether the bot should allow spaces between the prefix and the command
setPrivateEmbedColor Manages the private embed color
setPrivateLanguage Command to manage private languages
setPrivateTimeZone Manages the private timezone
shards Shows a table of information about each shard
stats Shows the bot, vps and jvm stats
support Sends a link for the support server
t2e Converts text to spaced emojis
toggleVoteReminder Toggles the vote reminder.
topVoters Shows the requested users with their votes
unicode Returns the unicode of each character of the input
urban Searches the for a result
userInfo Shows info about a user, even more if the user is also a member
vote Shows you the voteUrl
voteInfo Shows you the vote info of a user

Anime Commands >‿‿◕

Syntax, aliases, help
aiWaifu Shows a random image generated by ai based on anime images
aniList Command for searching on aniList
awoo Awoo's users
bite Bites users
blush Blush by users
cry Make users cry
cuddle Cuddle users
dab Pls don't
greet Greet users
handholding Hold hands with users
highfive Highfive users
hug Hug users
kiss Kiss users
lewd Lewd at users
lick Lick users
miku Hatsune Miku images (might be suggestive)
myAnimeList Command for searching on myAnimeList
neko Cat girls
owo OwO what's this
pat Gives a virtual pat to users
poke Poke users
pout Pout by users
punch Punch users
shoot Shoot users
shrug Shrug at users
slap Slap users
smug Smugs
stare Stare at users
thinking Think
thumbsup Thumbsup at users
tickle Tickles users

Image Commands 🖼

Syntax, aliases, help
appendReverseGif Adds a reverse gif at the end of your image/gif of your image/gif
blur Adds a blurred filter to your image/gif
blurple Adds a discordlike filter to your image/gif
bonk Bonk a user
discordMeme Shows a meme about discord
flipImg Flips your image/gif
gifInfo Shows basic info about the provided gif
globalRecolor Replaces all colors with the chosen one
greyscale Greyscales your image/gif
invert Inverts your image/gif
mirror Mirrors your image/gif
pixelate Adds a pixelated filter to your image/gif
pngsFromGif Puts all frames from a gif into png format and then zips the pngs
pngsToGif Will put all the frames you provide together into a gif
replaceColor Replaces the selected color (and alpha if specified) with the specified color (and alpha if specified)
say Makes the bot say something in a text bubble.
sharpen Adds a sharpening filter to your image/gif
smoothPixelate Adds a smoother pixelated filter to your image/gif
spookify Adds a spooky filter to your image/gif

Animal Commands 🐱

Syntax, aliases, help
alpaca Shows an alpaca
bird Shows a bird
cat Shows a cat
dog Shows a dog
duck Shows a duck
fox Shows a fox
koala Shows a koala
nyancat Shows a nyancat
panda Shows an panda
penguin Shows a penguin
possum Shows a possum