In this guide you'll learn about logging 🧐.


main command: >setLogChannel (alias: >slc)

You can set all logchannels at once, set groups or set individual ones


LogChannelTypeNodes can be seen as a single logchanneltype, groups of logchanneltypes or all

Here is a list of all types and groups


  • punishment, punishments: permanentban, temporaryban, softban, unban, permanentmute, tempmute, unmute, kick, warn
  • deleted-messages, deleted-message: Other-Deleted-Message, Self-Deleted-Message, Purged-Message, Filtered-Message
  • all: contains all ofcourse types


  • PermanentBan
  • TemporaryBan
  • SoftBan
  • Unban
  • PermanentMute
  • TempMute
  • Unmute
  • Kick
  • Warn
  • Other-Deleted-Message: If someone deletes a message which they do not own
  • Self-Deleted-Message: If someone deletes their own message
  • Purged-Message
  • Filtered-Message
  • Verification
  • Edited-Message
  • Reaction
  • Attachment
  • Music
  • Bot: If some problem occurs then the bot might log that here
  • PunishmentPoints

To see examples use: >help setLogChannel or go here

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