Created at: 12/6/2020

Our permission system

In this guide you'll learn about how to correctly setup permissions for roles, users or channel-specific.

2. Our permission system

The permissions kinda look and work like minecraft plugins permission systems like pex or groupmanager.
So if you knew any of these it should be quite easy for you.

Permissions can be granted to users, roles (this includes the @everyone role), users when in specific channels or roles when in specific channels.

Permission nodes look as following: commandname(.subcommand)
A permission node can be a specific permission ban or a group of permissions perm.*.
You might have noticed the * in the above example. The * will match anything.
Because the perm command has multiple sub commands you can mark them all with a *

The star also can be used to indicate that you just want ALL permissions, then just use * as permission node

In the permission command you are also able to specify all commands that are part of a category by using the category name.

Please take a further look at the permission command to see the command syntax, subcommands and examples.

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