Getting started with Melijn

In this guide we'll learn about how Melijn does certain stuff and basic configuration.

1. Setting up the bot

After inviting the bot please verify that Melijn has the required permissions for you needs. I would recommend having a dedicated role for the bot so you can manage each bot individually.

Permissions that melijn requires for certain features are as followed.

  • View channels, Read Text & Send Messages (Make sure these permissions aren't overriden in channels)
  • Message History (All commands that have to response with reactions)
  • Manage Roles (not needed if you set the mute role yourself and don't use setRoleColor)
  • Manage Channels (clearchannel)
  • View Audit Log (logchannels, sending banned/kicked messages in the banned and kicked message channels)
  • Ban Members (for banning / unbanning, viewing ban logs)
  • Kick Members (kick command, auto-punishments)
  • Manage Messages (purge command, verification channel, chat-filter, removing emojis on [pagination, reaction-roles and menus], removing invokes and responses)
  • Attach Files (image manipulation commands)
  • Embed Links (Please only disallow this if you know what you're doing. Embeds are a tool for bots to make messages look nicely)
  • Use External Emojis (use of custom emojis in some commands to make things look nice) [if you disable this the emotes will look like this: <:name:49849849849849849>]
  • Read Message History (purge command)
  • Manage Nicknames (dehoisting [coming soon])
  • Move Members (massmove, joining full voice-channels)
  • Connect, Speak, Use Voice Activity (playing music)
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